In 2020, for the known reasons, the art world faces unusual challenges, art fairs are particularly restricted in providing the usual services to their exhibitors and visitors. In response to these challenges, and in order to stay in close contact with all those who may not be able to travel and join us in our amazing exhibition halls, Art Market Budapest will add a freshly launched digital platform to its physical presentation. In addition to our in-person fair, this hybrid format will make an even more exciting artistic composition available to an even larger audience. The newly established viewing room named ART MARKET BUDAPEST VIRTUAL will almost limitlessly connect participating galleries with our global network of collectors and art enthusiasts.


Exhibitors of the Online Fair are expected to carry out activities connected to the professional presentation, representation and popularization of contemporary art.

As a contemporary art fair, Art Market Budapest Virtual intends to present artworks predominantly from the 21st century and the late 20th century, and to a lesser extent, artworks originating from the earlier period of the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition of particularly significant artworks dated earlier may be allowed, in the case that the Applicant is meets all requirements of the application, the artworks in question represent a high artistic level , and these early works do not represent more than 40% of the artworks the Applicant intends to exhibit.

The Online Fair is divided into various SECTIONS. Exhibitors are free to apply to any of these sections, in accordance with the below detailed pre-conditions and the type of art they intend to present. Exhibitors may participate in more than one section: in addition to the ART GALLERIES and ART PROJECTS sections, they may also apply to participate in ART PHOTO BUDAPEST.


This section presents commercial galleries, without any restrictions in the form or technique of the exhibited works. Applicants who intend to exhibit in the ART GALLERIES section are expected to meet the following criteria:

– to maintain a permanent exhibition space that is open to the public with regular opening hours;

– to have a concept and carry out a continuous program of temporary art exhibitions;

– to deal in artworks as a commercial activity;

– to professionally manage and represent their contracted artists;

– to operate an officially registered enterprise implementing an art dealership in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

ART PHOTO BUDAPEST – the photography section

This section presents exclusively art photography, photo based artworks and video art. Applicants who intend to exhibit in the ART PHOTO BUDAPEST section are expected to be:

– either commercial galleries specialized in art photography,

– or regular galleries as defined above (see ART GALLERIES), who intend to exhibit art photography, photo based artworks or video art,

– or not-for-profit galleries or for-profit galleries not covered by the above ART GALLERIES definition, or independent art organizations open to the public that regularly or continuously carry out some form of dealership or presentation of art photography, and are capable of presenting photographic artworks on a level of quality fit for proper exhibition.


This section presents Applicants who meet the following criteria:

– not-for-profit galleries or for-profit galleries not covered by the above ART GALLERIES definition, or independent art organizations open to the public that regularly or continuously carry out some form of art dealership or presentation of artistic production, and are capable of presenting artworks on a level of quality fit for proper exhibition;

– civil (NGO) organizations, institutions or enterprises registered as a private or legal entity and created by an individual or collective for the above purpose.

ART EXTRA – presentation booths

The Online Fair provides a platform for other institutions and enterprises with activities connected to art (e.g., magazines, art periodicals, publishers, professional associations and institutions, museums, collections, other enterprises and services, etc.), and fit for participation at the Online Fair.

The selling of artworks is not allowed on the online platform!



BASIC package | 10 uploaded artworks | 250 EUR+VAT


CLASSIC package |15 uploaded artworks | 300 EUR+VAT


PREMIUM package|25 uploaded artworks | 400 EUR+VAT


DELUXE package | 35 uploaded artworks | 500 EUR+VAT



– individual profile on the online platform of Art Market Budapest Virtual includIing the following features: introduction, descriptions of artworks, high-res photos with enlarge display functions, video content,

– you will have access to an enlarged audience whose size and trust have been built over nearly a decade by a regionally leading, globally recognized art fair,

– you can freely choose from the service packages developed to meet your needs, while you can also create your individual profile to display your artworks,

– you will take advantage of an extensive search engine that will allow your visitors and collectors to browse specifically for what they want to enjoy or buy,

– you will have the freedom to upload the content of your choice,

– you can manage your profile easily, since once the online viewing room is created, all information will be stored in one place,

– you can directly connect with and will be contactable by your visitors and collectors via the viewing room,

– your presence will be supported by an extensive media, PR and social media campaign, and a direct database of nearly 20 thousand art lovers worldwide,

– you will join a group of selected participating galleries (applications will be reviewed and selected from within 72 hours after the application).

– Two full pages in the Fair’s official online catalogue

– Invitation of 5 VIP guests and collectors to Art Market Budapest who will be given full access of all VIP programs and VIP services provided by the Fair

– Special offers by the Fair’s partners (including hotels and restaurants)



Applicants will be informed about the acceptance of their application following the evaluation of all applications. Along with that information, the participation fee (the amount depending on the chosen package) will be invoiced to all accepted applicants. The application of those failing to settle the invoice to the due date may be canceled. In case of cancellation by the Exhibitor, participation fees of already accepted applicants are non-refundable.


– Applicants will be officially informed about the acceptance or decline of their application;

– in case of cancellation by the Exhibitor, participation fees of already accepted applicants are non-refundable;

– the participation fee includes the presentation of the Exhibitor on the online platform of Art Market Budapest Virtual according to the services listed under the selected package .


– After their applications are accepted Exhibitors will be sent information about the registration and the upload process to Art Market Budapest Virtual online platform.

– If you need further information on applications please contact Ms. Krisztina Löbl at or call +36.1.2390007).

1. properly completed Application on the Fair’s website;

2. introduction of the Exhibitor, its history, aims and achievements in not more than 3,000 characters in English (galleries shall include a list of their previous history of international art fairs with years of participation);

3. list of completed exhibitions and/or programs in the last 2 years, with dates indicated, in English;

4. list of represented artists (in the ART GALLERIES, ART PHOTO BUDAPEST, ART PROJECTS sections);

5. accurate list and introduction of artists intended to be exhibited at the Fair;

6. reproductions of the works of artists intended to be exhibited at the Fair;

7. in the case of ART EXTRA (presentation booths), list and introduction of the materials and activities intended to be exhibited and carried out at the Fair.

(Only those Exhibitors may participate at the Online Fair who accept the following Conditions for participation and acknowledge them by signing the Application / Order Form.)

DEFINITIONS: hereinafter the Applicant is referred to as ’Exhibitor’; Art Market Budapest Virtual 2020 contemporary art fair as ‘Online Fair’. ’Organizer’ refers to the fair management of Art Market Budapest Virtual. ‘Online Viewing Room’ refers to Art Market Budapest Virtual and its online administrative and public platform.

AGREEMENT: The Application or Order Form (hereinafter referred to as ‘Application’) constitutes a formal, binding agreement between Exhibitor and Organizer once duly signed by Exhibitor. Organizer reserves the right to accept or refuse any Application. Organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of the agreement if the successful execution of the Online Fair makes it necessary. Organizer shall inform Exhibitor about these modifications, and Exhibitor has the right to submit his objection within 5 days after the information about these modifications is sent to him. If no objection is received by Organizer within 5 days, the modifications are considered approved by Exhibitor.

USE OF ONLINE VIEWING ROOM: Organizer reserves the right to limit or expel any Exhibitor or ban any service or activity that does not fit, or is not appropriate to, the character of the Online Fair. This may apply to any uploaded document, texts, reproductions of artworks, photography, objects, products, behavior, etc. Exhibitor acknowledges that only those artworks are allowed to be exhibited that were approved by Organizer. Any artwork expelled for any reason by Organizer from the Online Viewing Room is not allowed to be displayed at the Online Viewing Room, to be brought in any connection with the Online Fair, or to be offered for sale at the Online Fair.

Exhibitors are forbidden to place any direct advertisement or PR material of a party other than the Exhibitor on the Online Viewing Room. Exhibitor agrees to upload the required documents to the Online Viewing Room to the set deadline and keeps them available for the whole duration of the Online Fair (including the Preview Day). Exhibitor’s failure to comply with the regulations and rules of this agreement may result in the alteration or removal of the Exhibitor from the Online Viewing Room or may bring other sanctions or legal charges.

CANCELLATION OF THE FAIR: Under no circumstances will Organizer be liable to Exhibitor for the cancellation of the Online Fair, if non-delivery is due to any of the following reasons: fire, natural disaster, terrorism, war, uprising or strike. Insuring his own objects (including artworks) is Exhibitor’s sole responsibility. This applies to the event of necessary cancellation, postponing, re-scheduling or relocating of the Online Fair. Exhibitor shall remain liable to and shall pay the full amount of the rental fee, if the cancellation, postponing, rescheduling or relocating of the Online Fair is due to any reason or cause beyond the control of Organizer. Under no circumstances will Organizer be liable for any loss of profits, loss of business, indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from any breach or cancellation of this agreement.

Cases not mentioned in this Agreement are under the authority of Hungarian Civil Law and its relevant regulations.

In case of online application you may indicate your intention to participate at the online Fair by filling the Application form and accepting the rules and conditions of participation. Your application is finalized and registered only by uploading the required documents.


If you need further information on applications, please contact Ms. Krisztina Löbl (

If you need technical guidance regarding the online application platform, please contact Ms. Krisztina Zelei (, +36.1.2390007).

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